posted on September 30, 2022

Understanding value is essential for many business and personal transactions so that fair outcomes and optimal decisions can be achieved. Valuation is often used for areas such as investment or divestment opportunities, fairness opinions, restructuring and dispute resolution.

Drawing from our extensive years of working with small businesses to large Public Listed Companies, RT ASEAN Singapore has deep industry knowledge and experience to provide valuation expertise.

As a testament to the valuation expertise that RT ASEAN Singapore brings, our CEO & Managing Director, Ravi Arumugam, FCA (Singapore) has been appointed to the Panel of Financial Experts (POFE) scheme to be launched by Family Justice Court (FJC) in the fourth quarter of 2022. POFE experts assist the Court by providing equitable and objective valuations of the matrimonial assets under contest, thereby allowing justice to be administered more effectively and efficiently. Ravi, was earlier, part in a successful pilot program by the Institute of Singapore chartered Accountants (ISCA) and FJC for this scheme.

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